Compressed Air Work by Hyperbaric Tunnelling

Compressed Air Work
Hyperbaric Tunnelling has vast expertise and experience using modern technology and procedures within this field is unparalleled. We can also design and adapt new procedures and methods of operation to cope with project specific problems.

Capable of rapid mobilisation if necessary, we offer a completely comprehensive service, incorporating all our specialist areas of support on a worldwide basis.

Compressed Air Works Ongoing or Recently completed projects:-
Thames Tideway Central
Thames Tideway East
Hinkley Point C
Catania Metro
Shieldhall Strategic Tunnel
Rio Metro Line 4
Crossrail C305
STEP Tunnel – Abu Dhabi
Lee Tunnel -Thames Tideway
Sleemanabad Carrier Canal
Panama Metro

We can provide full support in relation to TBM Repair & Maintenance Programmes (Planned or Emergency) – Pressurised TBM Drives – Hand Excavated Shaft, Tunnel or Cross Passage Construction and or Tunnel Repair, Inspection & Pressure Monitoring.
Higher Pressures
We can also provide for or adapt support services (mixed gas, saturation) where higher working pressures are required from the start or where project conditions necessitate operations near to the viable limits of compressed air work.
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Compressed Air Works Compressed Air Works


Some of our larger projects:-

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