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Hyperbaric Medical Services
We can provide Hyperbaric Medical Services to any project where hyperbaric techniques are required. We have specialist expertise with regard to Hyperbaric Tunnelling Activity & TBM Intervention, but can also provide support in relation to Diving, Aeronautics and Elective Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Medical ServicesAs with all our other services our standards are based on current UK guidance and best practice as minimum. Within this, we strive to remain cost effective for our clients and as such will recommend cover and supports appropriate to the location and perceived risk, particularly for projects outside the UK.

Our specialist medical services include:-
Full Hyperbaric Oxygen / Mixed Gas Medical expertise
Prevention and Management of all Decompression Illnesses & Barotraumas
Compressed Air Medicals
24-hour Emergency Hyperbaric Medical Cover
24-hour Medical Emergency Telephone Advice
Fitness to Work Assessments following decompression illness
Training & assistance with the design and content of medical aspects of induction training:
toolbox talks; on-site hazards
Advice on general medical support in hyperbaric conditions
Advice on equipment for medical support in hyperbaric conditions
General First Aid Support
Primary Advanced Care Medical Support
Emergency Response· Extrication & Rescue
Risk Assessment
Training & Instruction

Some of our larger projects:-

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