Occupational Safety & Health Services


Occupational Safety & Health Services
We can provide any worksite, factory, office or location with occupational health & safety systems, support, surveillances and training. In the UK, these are all tailored to establish and then maintain compliance and best practice within current UK legislation.

The Basics
Initially we can ensure that the minimum structure and systems are in place to form the platform for an ongoing safety & health strategy. This would include items such as;

Initial Site Appraisal and Generic Risk Assessment
Identification of Key Legislation
Health & Safety Policy
Statutory Information & Reporting
Statutory Signage & Hazard Identification
Site Induction and Access Control
Fire & Emergency Procedure
Maintenance & Testing of Equipment
Recommendation for Improvement, Compliance, Future Actions

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Moving on from this, more specific controls can be established based on the initial assessments and findings;

Control / Reduction Strategies, Health Surveillance Programmes and Workforce Training for;
Occupational Asthma, Respiratory Sensitisation, Respiratory Disease
Occupationally Related Skin Disorders
Manual Handling
Ergonomics – Musculoskeletal Disorders – Repetitive Strain Injury
Heat Stress & Thermal Environment
Confined Spaces – Difficult Access – Working at Height
General Occupational Exposure Limits & Reduction / Environmental Control
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
First Aid Assessment – Systems & Management
Safety Equipment & PPE
Allowance for particular work tasks or methods that encompass specific hazards and associated legislation
Targeted, Project Specific Training Programmes, Tool Box Talks, Inductions
All Associated Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction & Control – Reporting

Related & Supporting Surveillances & Strategy’s
Different levels of Occupational Health Assessment by referral system with full “Medical in Confidence” – Pre-employment, Return to work, Specific Tasks, Blanket Survey / Surveillance etc

Monitoring / Screening for Controlled Substances / Alcohol / Medications – Pre-employment, Random, Specific Task with full “Chain of Custody”.


Some of our larger projects:-

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