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Hyperbaric Tunnelling Summary of Services & Control Information.
Tony Ridley Hyperbaric Associates Ltd provides specialist services in relation to;
TBM Intervention, Repair & Maintenance, Compressed Air Tunnelling, Hyperbarics
All Industrial Hyperbaric Applications – Clinical Elective Hyperbaric Therapy.


Tunnel & TBM Engineering
Occupational Safety & Health*
Specialist Consultancy and expert Site Based Personnel are available in relation to all services.

Operational Proposals and Packages are designed Site Specific for each project in line with the non-permanent and dynamic nature of most tunnel / construction facilities.

Standards and Operational Guidance are based on UK Guidance as a minimum – but designed for compliance within “local” legislation internationally.

Rapid Mobilisation with “Blanket” Cover is available in emergency circumstances.
All services are available under a “One Stop” Package approach if desired.
Services are fully International.

* Occupational Safety & Health Services are not confined to the tunnelling industry, they can be applied in any application
Proposals and Quotations are Project Specific.

This is a brief outline of our services; all are available as a fully integrated package tailored to meet the site-specific needs of your project on a fully international basis. For more information, please forward your company or project details.

Hyperbaric Tunnelling ServicesHyperbaric Tunnelling Services

Some of our larger projects:-

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