Hyperbaric Tunnelling Consulting Services & Personnel

Tunnelling Consulting Services & Personnel
We can provide specialist Hyperbaric Consultancy and Personnel to Contractors who will be either operating under or require contingency cover for Work in Compressed Air or other (higher pressure) hyperbaric tunnelling techniques. This includes all associated Occupational Safety Health and Medical Advice.

Specialist areas include:-
TBM Intervention
Establishment of Compression / Decompression Regimes and Techniques
Treatment and Management of Decompression Illness
Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen
Mixed Gas Techniques and Procedures
Saturation Techniques and Procedures
Working at Altitude
Construction Under Compressed Air
Advice on Airlock System Design
Audit / Appraisal / Commissioning of TBM Airlock Systems
Legislative Advice based on need & Best Practice
Environmental Control
Training of Client Personnel
Hazard / Health & Safety Analysis
Emergency / Rescue / Extrication Systems
Data Analysis
Client Liaison
Specialist Dedicated Site Personnel
Specialist Hyperbaric Medical Cover
Occupational Health
Occupational Health & Safety Implementation
Medical Management

Tunnelling Consulting Services & Personnel
Our Consultancy service aims to put in place a complete operational system of Hyperbaric, Medical, Safety and Occupational Health Regimes which are compliant with local legislation, but also utilise our expertise and available technology to achieve the “Best Working Practice” for a given project or location. Working in this way, the client can have systems in readiness or contingency available, whilst the project is under design or in development. The consultancy support normally then continues over the duration of the project to assist with amendments / improvements to procedure and to assist with the various unforeseen challenges that inevitably develop.

Hyperbaric associates-systems analysis Following the set-up of these systems and regimes, and with consultancy support in place, we would then look to place our expert personnel on site to operate them. To the large part our personnel are equally qualified and interchangeable; the aim being that any one can supervise the Tunnel / TBM Locks, Management / Treatment of Decompression Illness, act as a Hyperbaric Tender / Medic / Rescue or provide general site Occupational Health Safety cover.

Hyperbaric TunnellingThis helps to establish safe and efficient operation once work has commenced, enabling our staff to continually reassess the working environment as the contract progresses. This coupled with training, familiarisation and induction of the general workforce ensures our clients are freed from the time consuming work in areas where they may have limited expertise.

Hyperbaric associates-Safety team
All our personnel have unique experience and qualification in hyperbaric fields; they offer the highest possible standards for the operation of systems and medical backup for Compressed Air (Hyperbaric) use and Safety Cover in Tunnelling.

Advanced Care / Primary Response Medical Cover
Extrication & Rescue and Medical Evacuation
General Site Occupational Health & Safety Surveillances
General health / safety system / equipment monitoring, maintenance and control
These are more wide-ranging tunnelling site duties which can compliment the intermittent use of Compressed Air in TBM Maintenance or 24 hr Contingency Standby should it be required


Some of our larger projects:-

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