Tunnelling & TBM Hyperbaric Management Services

Tunnelling & TBM Hyperbaric Management Services
We can provide specialist Hyperbaric Consultancy and Personnel to Contractors who will be either operating under or require contingency cover for Work in Compressed Air or other (higher pressure) hyperbaric tunnelling techniques. This includes all associated Occupational Safety Health and Medical Advice.

Specialist areas include:-
TBM Intervention
Establishment of Compression/Decompression Regimes & Techniques
Treatment and Management of Decompression Illness
Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen
Mixed Gas Techniques and Procedures
Saturation Techniques and Procedures
Working at Altitude
Construction Under Compressed Air
Advice on Airlock System Design
Audit / Appraisal / Commissioning of TBM Airlock Systems
Legislative Advice based on need & Best Practice
Environmental Control
Training of Client Personnel
Hazard / Health & Safety Analysis
Emergency / Rescue / Extrication Systems
Data Analysis
Client Liaison
Specialist Dedicated Site Personnel
Specialist Hyperbaric Medical Cover
Occupational Health
Occupational Health & Safety Implementation
Medical Management

Hyperbaric Management ServicesWe aim to provide contractors who require hyperbaric tunnelling techniques or contingency for them, with a complete operational ‘One-Stop’ Package of all related services and cover.
The Consultancy aspects of the business set-up all the necessary operational and emergency procedures site specific for each project, combining all the necessary safety, health and medical contingencies, rescue, extrication and emergency supports prior to the start of production, then maintaining, re-evaluating and improving them through the production phase.

Hyperbaric TunnellingOur project specific procedures are them implemented and maintained by our highly qualified and experienced Medical Lock / Medic / Health Safety Personnel.
The Company has extensive experience in all Hyperbaric Techniques, related industries and applications which has been targeted towards use in hyperbaric tunnelling activity. This, combined with the interaction between our client and our expert group of Personnel ensures that all Tunnel Projects undertaken are run efficiently, cost effectively and with maximum safety.

hyperbaric tunnelling techniquesFree Air
Where TBM Intervention can be conducted in “free air” without the need pressure, most of our support services remain highly beneficial and clients often retain us in respect of this and other tunnel / construction activities that require health, safety, medical or rescue support, control or supervision, this can be in parallel with ongoing hyperbaric contingency.


Some of our larger projects:-

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